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IEVS (iNano Eye Video Scope)IEVS

IEVS device will be made available to ophthalmologists and optometrists for patient eye imaging and diagnosis of Glaucoma. IEVS component materials are qualified following the requirements of Medical Device – Class One.

IEVS is a non-contact device which alleviates a number of concerns that the current procedure faces. IEVS will not harm the patient and has the unique capability to provide real-time high resolution images of the anterior chamber of the eye.

IEVS has a portable and miniaturized design which makes it be accessible for use at any eye care facility in the health system. This design also make it possible for patients to be in any position when the exam is being conducted.

Compared to the current Glaucoma diagnosis methods, IEVS is able to remove the need for anesthesia and goniolens which saves time and money in every examination. By using IEVS, no special operator training is required for eye care professionals. Quick training material will be made available on the website to examiners.